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Wal-Mart, Holoma partner on exclusive online photo service


Bentonville, Ark. –- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is partnering with Holoma Inc. to provide a service that is a Walmart exclusive through the holiday season. Consumers can use the online service to create interactive photo cards and gifts that play a related video.

When a photo and a related video are uploaded, 4D technology links the two, creating a "4D photo." When the photo is scanned with the free, integrated mobile app, the video plays. The photo is not altered or changed in any way. The photo can be instantly uploaded in-store at a kiosk or the online Wal-Mart Photo Center.

There is no upcharge to print 4D photos at Walmart or to use 4D photos to create cards, invitations and an array of photo gifts.

"Seeing a photo come to life like this is magical," said Ken Haffner, CEO of Holoma Inc. "With the readily available video and photo technology on mobile phones, we thought, why not connect the two for a truly engaging experience? And, without altering the photo in any way we can bridge the gap between still photography and video.”
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