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The top 25 retailers with best overall customer experience are…

An 86-year-old Danish brand came out on top for the second consecutive year when it comes to providing a great overall customer experience.

The Lego Store led the retail pack, with a Reputation Score of 695 in’s 2018 Retail Reputation Report, which reveals the retailers most trusted by consumers to deliver a great overall customer experience. The average industry score for retailers in 2018 was 538 on a scale of 1,000. (The Reputation Score is a comprehensive index of a company’s digital presence and on-site customer experience, and is calculated based on factors reflect consumers’ opinions about their search and in-store experience.)

Trader Joe’s was a close second, with a score of 690, followed by Nordstrom (673), Wegmans (664), Barnes & Noble and REI (both at 663). (A list of the top 25 Reputation Score retailers is at the end of article.)

The report also reviewed the retailers by industry segment. Here are some additional findings:

Grocery: Trader Joe’s reputation score at 690 eclipsed every other grocery chain — outscoring the entire field on value, service and wait time, as well as manager and staff competence. In general, the rest of the field was challenged, with lagging performance and year-over-year declines in value, service, cleanliness, manager competence, staff, product in-stock and amenities.

Health and Beauty: The leader is Ulta, with a reputation score of 549. The beauty chain made improvements over last year in all nine categories of service experience extracted from customer reviews.

Sporting Goods: Bass Pro Shops leads decisively in this category with a score of 654, followed by Cabela’s (594) and Nike (590).

Luxury Brands: Tiffany & Co. eclipsed the field with a score of 584, with particularly high ratings in service.

Housewares: Ikea led the field with a score of at 596, followed closely by Bed Bath & Beyond, at 566.

Here are Retail Reputation’s top 25 retailers for 2018:

1. The LEGO Store (695)
2. Trader Joe’s (690)
3. Nordstrom 673
4. Wegmans 664
5. Barnes & Noble 663
6. REI 663
7. Disney Store 662
8. Publix 662
9. Costco 658
10. Hobby Lobby 655
11. Bass Pro Shops 654
12. Michaels 626
13. Ace Hardware 615
14. L.L. Bean 606
15. Victoria’s Secret 602
16. Nordstrom Rack 601
17. TJ Maxx 599
18. PetSmart 598
19. Ikea 596
20. Cabela’s 594
21. Neiman Marcus 593
22. Nike 590
23. John Lewis 589
24. Whole Foods 585
25. Tiffany & Co.
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