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Survey - 7 in 10 consumers to buy at least 1 holiday gift card online


Portland, Ore. – Seven in 10 (71%) consumers intend to purchase at least one gift card from an online website or mobile website/app during the upcoming holiday season, while 74% will buy at least one digital gift card. According to new data from POS solutions provider InComm, 85% of respondents age 18-35 agree that they’re likely to purchase at least one digital gift card this holiday season

Of those who intend to purchase gift cards from online websites or mobile websites/apps this holiday season, nearly 20% plan to purchase five or more gift cards; 73% between two and five. Nearly 90% of respondents between 18-35 agree that they are more interested in purchasing digital gift cards now than they were two to three years ago.

Other notable findings include:

77% of respondents age 18-35 prefer to have a digital gift card scanned from their phone rather than carry an email printout.

53% of total respondents, and 79% of those between 18-35, are interested in storing and using gift cards on their phones.

55% of total respondents, 79% of those between 18-35, agree that they’re interested in storing digital gift cards on their phone for self-use.

Nearly 23% of those who have purchased gift cards from online websites or mobile websites/apps purchase 5-10 cards annually.

“Retailers can significantly increase sales of gift cards by enabling consumers to easily purchase both physical and digital gift cards from their desktops and mobile devices,” said Mike Fletcher, general manager, digital solutions, InComm. “This research shows that digital gift cards are rising in popularity, especially with those in younger age brackets. It’s also interesting to see how many respondents are increasingly interested in storing digital cards on their phones for self-use. The key is that consumers want more gift card options, giving retailers incentive to provide an exceptional physical and digital gift card shopping experience across all channels.”
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