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Study: Who you gonna call? For customer service, L.L. Bean


New York – If you were looking for quality call center service from an online retailer during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then you wanted to shop at L.L. Bean. According to data from analysis firm StellaService, L.L. Bean led in customer service call response time on Black Friday (10 seconds), Cyber Monday (six seconds) and Cyber Weekend (nine seconds).

L.L. Bean actually improved its call center response time compared to its month-to-date average. Other notable findings included:

• Best Buy: Friday's website crash coincided with 7.5 minute wait times on the phone. The longest wait was that morning at 9 a.m., when the StellaService test caller waited more than 17 minutes to get through.

• GameStop was the only retailer to not answer any phone calls on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

• Apple's Cyber Monday wait was in line with launch of iPhone 6 - one caller waited more than 15 minutes to reach an agent

• Newegg also had responsiveness issues (55% reached an agent within 20 minutes compared to 90% in the same period the previous year).

• L.L.Bean, J.Crew, Saks, and Amazon were the only retailers in the top 10 on Black Friday, Cyebr Monday and Cyber Wednesday.

• Speed slowed across the board on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday. The average of the top 10 on Black Friday was 29 seconds and 41 seconds on Cyber Monday.

• Six retailers were less than 30 seconds on Black Friday and only two less than 30 seconds on Cyber Monday. The average of all retailers was almost a minute slower (26%) on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday.

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