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Study: Subscription retailers lead in average orders per year


New York – Subscription retailers outpace e-commerce retailers and flash sale businesses by a long shot when it comes to a customer’s average numbers of orders in the span of a year. According to analysis of more than 10 million orders from 2.5 million unique customers by Retention Science, subscription retailers average 7.68 orders per customer in 12 months.

In contrast, e-commerce retailers only average 2.36 orders per customer in 12 months, and flash sale retailers only average 1.41 orders in that time span.

But despite providing a natural framework for strong customer retention, many subscription commerce companies are still missing the mark and experiencing high levels of churn. Seventy-two percent of subscription customers did not make a repeat purchase in the six months following their first order.

Subscription retailers still lead flash sale retailers (94%) and e-commerce retailers (91%) in this area.

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