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Study: Disney, Ralph Lauren most patriotic retailers


New York – Disney and Ralph Lauren, vertical brands with a strong retail presence, are the highest-ranked retailers in a new Brand Keys survey of what brands U.S. consumers consider the most patriotic. To determine the rankings, Brand Keys drilled down into consumer response to 230 brands to see which were most associated with the value of patriotism.

Following is a list of the retailers who made the list of top 50 most patriotic brands, with their emotional engagement strength for patriotism:

No. 3: Disney (96%)

No. 4: Ralph Lauren (95%)

No. 5: Levi Strauss (94%)

No. 8: Apple (91%)

No. 11: Amazon (88%)

No. 14: Coach/New Balance (85%)

No. 15: AT&T/Google (84%)

No. 18: L.L. Bean/Facebook (81%)

No. 22: KFC (77%)

No. 23: Wilson Sporting Goods (76%)

No. 26: McDonald’s (72%)

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