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Staples got tablets


FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Staples, which in February announced plans topositioned itself as a leader in technology, is now looking to become a leader in tablet computers.

The company said that it is offering customers a variety of resources, both in store and online to help customers find the best tablet for them. At 1,600 U.S. stores certified EasyTech associates are available to assist shoppers, and the company has and, enabling customers to research, compare and choose the right tablet to fit their personal and business needs.

In addition to offering price comparisons and photos of the various tablets on the market, the site includes information on the benefits of new tablets on the market, recommendations on protection and storage accessories, and a glossary of terms.

The website is geared toward the needs of Staples business customers. It features tablet accessories such as cases, charging stations, and Bluetooth keyboards, that support tablet use in the field or office. This combination of tablets and accessories give customers business solutions to increase productivity and save time.

Staples is beginning its tablet offering this spring withMotorola XOOM, BlackBerry PlayBook and Dell Streak. Notably absent from this list is the Apple iPad and subsequent Apple iPad 2. Apple, however, is known for limiting the retail availability of its newer products, which means it is reasonable to expect that a company like Staples, Best Buy or even Walmart, will get its hands on the iPad once it has lost some of its luster.

"Staples is already a leader in tech products and services," said Peter Scala, SVP and general merchandise manager office technology Staples. "Tablets are the hottest new technology and Staples continues to be at the forefront with a wide assortment of tablets and EasyTech and Staples Advantage associates to help consumers and businesses get the most from their tablet purchase."

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