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Simon has plenty to say at GS event


Walmart president and CEO Bill Simon prefaced his comments at the Goldman Sach Global Retailing Conference by saying he wouldn’t have much to say. That proved to not be the case as Simon said a lot about a wide range of subjects.

According to Simon, who also presented at Goldman’s investor conference last year, his remarks during a Wednesday lunch presentation were going to be constrained because he was sandwiched between the company’s release of second quarter results on August 15, a board meeting in several weeks to present a strategic plan followed by the company annual meeting for analysts on October 15.

As it turned out, Simon was merely lowering expectations for a surprisingly forthcoming presentation about where he sees Walmart’s business headed and an equally candid question and answer session with Goldman analyst Matt Fassler who one week earlier had resumed the firm’s coverage of the company with a “buy” recommendation.

Click here to read the full text of Simon’s comments.

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