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Shaun White’s home products hit stores 12/26


Being a celebrity athlete creates all sort of opportunities to leverage one’s likeness through licensing deals, oftentimes in ways that are inconsistent with the image and accomplishments that propelled the athlete to greatness.

That is the case with snowboard legend and multiple-Olympic-gold-medal-winner Shaun White. He has enjoyed a successful relationship with Target offering an exclusive line of apparel, accessories and footwear, but now he and Target are venturing into the home furnishings area where there is no correlation to White’s brand equity and legacy of athletic accomplishments.

The premiere collection of Shaun White home products is set to hit Target stores on Dec. 26 and will feature a variety of items to fully style a kid’s room including bedding, lamps, wall decals, curtains, storage bins, a skateboard rack and piggy banks with prices ranging from $9.99 to $89.99.

“It's been a fun process creating a home product line with Target,” White said in a press release. “We got our first crack at interior design when my brother Jesse and I worked on the Living Room for Target House at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So, we jumped at the chance to give home design a shot and came up with stuff that we would’ve loved to have when we were growing up.”

Similar to other Shaun White for Target items, the home line is co-designed by Shaun and his brother Jesse and is said to reflect Shaun’s personality, drawing on his love of skateboarding, snowboarding, travel and music.

“Introducing a home collection is the latest chapter in Target’s decade-long relationship with Shaun,” said Troy Michels, manager of Target lifestyle marketing. “Designing products for Target gives Shaun a way to share his unique point of view, and the new home line is no exception.”

Those who can’t find what they like in stores, can visit where additional styles will be offered, including three window curtains and duvet sets featuring Shaun White’s signature blue monster. Shoes and clothes made sense as White embodies a lifestyle, but now that he’s “designing” duvet covers, piggy banks the brand has surely been diminished among those who may have once idolized White.

Somewhere a kid carving up the slopes at a ski resort has to be wondering, “Why’d you do it man? Duvet covers and piggy banks?”

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