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Sam’s checks out self checkout


Sam’s Club has installed multiple self-checkout lanes at its club in Bentonville as part of a test that is reportedly limited to three clubs. At the Bentonville location, the two self-checkout lanes are easily identified with a large triangular overhead sign that says, “Self Checkout” Additional signs at the entry to the checkout lane call out the payment process with the words, “scan, pay, go.” Nearby, two additional self-checkout payment terminals are positioned on opposite sides of a table for shoppers with smaller purchases.

The Sam’s system works differently than the typical self checkout where a shopper removes items from their cart to wave in front of a fixed scanner. With Sam’s system, shoppers scan items by using a hand-held device that is removed from a cradle, which simplifies the process for members since club packs can be bulky and heavy. Once all items are scanned the device is returned to the cradle and payment is rendered.

Several members were observed using the system with no prompting from club associates, which is a testament to the simplicity of the design and the fact that many shoppers simply prefer the self-checkout method.

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