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Retail 2015: Five Trends to Expect


Here are five retail trends to expect in 2015 — and the opportunity each trend presents — from the folks at T1Visions, a provider of interactive touch-screen technology.

1. Stores as Experiences = opportunity to create new ways to interact with product; focus on experience over the sale; customize the experience whenever and wherever possible.

2. Stores as Digital Showrooms = opportunity to blend online and in-store inventory into one seamless, “endless aisle” shopping experience, with little inventory actually housed on-site.

3. Stores as Fulfillment Centers = opportunity to implement creative ways to pick-up inventory featuring kiosks, self-serve lockers, drive-thrus and more. Buy online, pick up in store is here to stay.

4. The Death of the Checkout = opportunity to reimagine traditional POS systems and repurpose real estate within the store.

5. Revamped Role for Associates = opportunity to better educate associates; provide them more sophisticated + clienteling technology to make the customer’s visit more valuable and time- sensitive.

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