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New Digital Signage From NEC


Itasca, Ill. NEC Display Solutions, Itasca, Ill., offers two new-digital signage products: a pre-configured TileMatrix Video Wall Solution and a 52-inch full high-definition widescreen display designed for a variety of digital signage applications.

The TileMatrix Video Wall Solution is comprised of four NEC 46-inch MultiSync LCD4620-2-IT displays. The high-definition display provides optimal resolution (1366 x 768) for digital signage, and display management controls lower energy consumption and save money. NEC’s exclusive TileMatrix technology allows for video walls comprised of up to 25 displays (5x5) using only a single video source.  The system’s TileCompT feature is fine-tuned to compensate for the narrow bezels, allowing the image to look crisp with no loss of content at the edges.

The ultra-thin-frame 52-in. NEC MultiSync LCD5220 boasts the Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS), nearly 30 features that enhance display management, improve screen performance and lower total cost of ownership. U-shaped bulbs allow for more uniform image and even dissipation of heat output. 

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