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New Balance/A/X Armani Exchange


Amarkedly contemporary environment allows Bloomingdale’s to extend its design in a new way as it continues to pursue variations on the signature black-and-white theme of its Manhattan flagship. Black granite and mirrors are used as punctuation and architectural icons throughout the three-level, 180,000-sq.-ft. store, which features a dramatic 40-ft. circular atrium topped by a skylight. Glass-enclosed elevators transverse the atrium and enhance the sight lines to all the sales floors. The theme continues to the balustrades, which feature clear glass topped with stainless steel.

Pure and elegantly minimalist backdrops provide the ideal setting for the merchandise on display at A/X Armani Exchange. With its modern, sleek furnishings and streetwise but polished finishes, the contemporary environment parallels the casual refinement of the brand’s hip target customer. The merchandise displays are reflected in the flooring, 2-ft.-by-4-ft. porcelain tiles finished in a silver-metallic coating. Floor fixtures are finished in distressed black wood veneer with slick, glossy-black complements, while aluminum shelves on silver-grey walls outline the perimeter of the 5,320-sq.-ft. store. A video wall enlivens the space with images while connecting the floors and serving as a backdrop for the floating staircase.

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