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Mexican developer to build 14 ‘Malltertainment’ centers


Mexico City-based developer Grupo GICSA announced plans for 14 new experiential retail centers it will format under the trademarked term, “Mallterntainment.” GICSA is perhaps best known as the developer of the Paseo Arcos Bosques retail center in Mexico City (above).

Malltertainment developments will hew to four pillars, according to GICSA:

• Average area of 2 million sq. ft.;

• Entertainment space for fairs, hot-air ballooning, and concerts , as well as standard restaurant, bar, and movie fare;

• Mixed use placements like hotels and medical services; and

• Public exhibition spaces for artists, artisans and shared workspaces labeled “CoWorking” for small business owners and professionals.

The centers themselves will be christened with the Explanada brand. Construction has or will soon be started on projects in Cancun, Leon, Pachuca, Puebla and Queretaro.

GICSA envisions the 14 Explanada centers rising up across Mexico within five years.

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