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Kroger offers fuel rewards to Houston customers


HOUSTON -- Kroger announced that, beginning April 13, Kroger customers in the Greater Houston area will be able to save up to $1 per gallon at 68 Kroger Fuel Centers through the grocer's new fuel accumulation program. Kroger's latest gas savings initiative will allow shoppers to redeem up to 1,000 fuel points, which are earned through everyday grocery, prescription and gift card purchases using the Kroger Plus card, during a single fill-up.

"Houston is one of the most competitive markets in the nation and to stay on top as the market share leader, Kroger will continue to roll out programs that benefit our customers and allow them to save on necessities like food and gas," says Bill Breetz, president of the Kroger Southwest Division. "Our new fuel accumulation program will help shoppers save tremendously as gas prices continue to rise and the busy summer traveling season nears."

For each increment of 100 points customers earn, they will be awarded a 10 cents per gallon discount up to $1 at Kroger Fuel Centers. Kroger 1-2-3 REWARDS MasterCard card holders will be eligible to receive up to $1.05. For every $100 spent on groceries, excluding alcohol and tobacco, customers earn 100 points. Shoppers can also acquire points by purchasing prescriptions and gift cards. When a customer purchases a $50 gift card from the Kroger Gift Card Mall for self-use or as a present, the points are doubled and they will receive 100 points. Additionally, 100 points are awarded for every two prescriptions that are filled or refilled at a Kroger Pharmacy, including $4 and $10 generic prescription drugs.

If a customer has accumulated 500 points, they will receive a discount of 50 cents per gallon at Kroger Fuel Centers. If they have racked up 1,000 points, they will be awarded a savings of $1 per gallon at the pump. Customers can track their points by viewing the bottom of their receipt for their latest balance. They can also check their points balance by registering their Kroger Plus card number at

Points are available to use through the end of the following month in which they are earned. When filling up, a customer will always be offered the biggest discount available based on each month's fuel point totals available in their account.

Through Kroger's partnership with Shell, shoppers will still be able to redeem 100 points to save 10 cents per gallon at more than 500 participating Shell locations in the Greater Houston area.

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