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Ice cream vendor gets tasty deal with Walmart


PHILADELPHIA — Walmart is adding Mini Melts ice cream automated kiosks to its stores.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Walmart customers throughout the United States, by not only providing a premium ice cream product, but by doing so consistently with Walmart's low-price philosophy," said Dan Kilcoyne, president of Mini Melts USA.

Mini Melts ice cream is a brand of "beaded" ice cream sold at such places as theme parks and shopping centers. The ice cream is manufactured with a patented flash freeze process using liquid nitrogen.

The automated kiosks will be manufactured exclusively by Fastcorp, a Danbry, Conn.-based company. "Our automated kiosks provide superior merchandising and they are the most energy efficient and reliable kiosks on the market. We are thrilled to be part of this program with two exceptional companies, Walmart and Mini Melts," said Todd Piatnik, president of Fastcorp.

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