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Global tech startup personalizes shopping experience


NEW YORK — Global technology startup Synqera has launched Simplate, an in-store point-of-sale terminal that provides real-time business-to-consumer media communications, at the National Retail Federation’s 102nd Annual Convention & EXPO.

Synqera describes Simplate as one of the first interactive POS terminals that uses big data, such as customer preferences, behavior, demographics and purchasing information, to provide personalized media communications for on-the-spot marketing.

Simplate aims to convert the 40 seconds of customer idle time at the point of payment into additional purchases, store visits and customer loyalty by engaging customers with hyper-personalized loyalty deals, interactive games and incentives. The self-managed Simplate can be integrated with back-end and front-end infrastructures, such as CRM, ERP and POS systems, allowing it to provide offers based on the customer profiles and purchases, as well as store inventory, promotional offer or loyalty program offers. It can also be utilized as a standalone device.

“Studies show that $4 billion is spent on impulse buys in-store, which provides a huge opportunity for U.S. retailers, brands and marketers,” said Kirill Gorynya, Synqera CEO and founder. “Simplate disrupts this market by enabling retailers to tap into this critical impulse moment where purchases are of a higher value can be encouraged, compared to the low-priced products strategically placed around the cash register.”

Key features of Simplate’s Scenario Generation Engine include a rich media display, back-end data analysis, real- time intelligence, interactive tools and gamification.

“With Simplate, we have finally married the traditional values of putting the customer first, with innovative new technologies. Our technology is the first of its kind, offering a customizable purchasing experience which was previously only available through mobile and online systems. Retailers can now offer relevant incentives at the checkout displays that will support their efforts to upsell and cross-sell products, while building customer loyalty and promote services,” said Gorynya. “This has the potential to bring endless channels for additional revenue while providing the customers with an easy to use and fun buying experience."

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