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GameStop scores big on social engagement


GameStop is known for innovative promotions, but now the specialty retailer has made social marketing personal with its latest Summer at GameStop event.

The retailer has announced the winners of Summer at GameStop, a five-week social engagement and contest series aimed at gamers who shared their personal stories on how video gaming brings fans together to create unique friendships and lifelong relationships - and brought longtime friends together from across the country in the process.

“The response from the gaming community was staggering,” said Frank Hamlin, chief marketing officer at GameStop. “We collected thousands of incredible, heart-touching examples of the power that video games possess to turn strangers into best friends, to keep families and friends connected across the globe and to help all gamers create lasting memories and relationships.”

The program encompassed five themed weeks: Never Met, Romance, Reunited, Game Night, and Rematch and asked gamers to share their favorite gaming story related to the theme of each week for a chance to win epic gaming experiences and gear.

Winning entries include:

  • Albert who shared his Never Met story about his pal Matt. His entry won the long-distance friends each a round-trip flight plus $2,000 in cash and GameStop gift cards. Albert plans on taking a cross country trip to finally meet Matt in person.

  • Andrea who started a Romance while gaming on Xbox Live and has now has been married to her partner for two years. The pair won a weekend getaway plus $1,000 in GameStop gift cards.

  • Matt who said he’d like to be Reunited with childhood friends and face off once again on NHL ’94. Matt won top of the line gaming gear for the occasion.

  • Jeff who told us about his epic Game Nights: all night gaming and junk food binges with his brother and buddies. He won a flat screen television and a $2,500 GameStop gift card to help he and his crew take their next game night up a notch!

  • And Alex who declared his brother as his nemesis with whom he’d want a Rematch -- from 1200 miles away. Alex won a $500 GameStop gift card to set his plan in motion.

"At its core, the #SummerAtGameStop program was about the special connections that gaming can make in our lives,” said Hamlin.

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