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Gamers catch a break with trade-in program


Even though Target’s efforts in the electronics area have been overshadowed of late by all the action in food and consumables, the company has consistently positioned itself to become a more relevant player in the space. The most recent example involves expansion of a trade-in program that coincides with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS hand-held gaming system. The product is a big deal due to some new technology that lets users experience 3D without the annoying glasses, but the product is expensive ($249), and that doesn’t included the added cost of games. To help promote sales of the device Target announced it would offer a $50 credit to customers who trade in an older generation Nintendo DS that still works. The $50 credit can be used for other electronics purchases such as the iPhone 4, which hit stores on March 25.

“Target always aims to offer guests the hottest brands in electronics for an exceptional value,” said Nik Nayar, VP merchandising at Target. “The Nintendo 3DS is one of the most anticipated new products to debut this spring and by expanding our trade-in options, we are offering Target’s guests incredible savings on all the latest gadgets.”

In addition, to support the launch of Nintendo 3DS, Target is featuring trial stations in 1,200 stores nationwide so customers can experience the new 3D technology. However, the trade-in service is currently available at only 850 stores where the Target Mobile locations exist. By this summer, Target expects to offer Target Mobile and the trade-in service at 1,490 stores.

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