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Fresh & Easy uses UV rays to reduce impact


EL SEGUNDO, Calif. Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market announced that it is using a custom-built, one-of-a kind ultraviolet sanitizing machine to clean and reuse its shipping and display packaging. According to the company, this technology helps reduce the company's carbon emissions, use of petroleum, and landfill waste.

As part of the company's commitment to reuse or recycle all packaging and display materials, display packaging is transported from stores after use to Fresh & Easy's distribution center. The plastic packaging is sent through the UV machine which disinfects and sanitizes before reuse. The machine was engineered and built by UV Doctor, a company which specializes in UV light technologies. The UV sanitation process is more environmentally friendly and an equally effective alternative to typical chemical cleaning methods.

Fresh & Easy reported that to date, 192.5 tons of its display packaging has been reused or recycled and diverted from landfills. It is also estimated 111,450 pounds of CO2 were not released into the atmosphere by trucks transporting waste to landfills because they were reused or recycled by Fresh & Easy.

"Reducing the amount of landfill waste we produce is an important objective for Fresh & Easy," said ceo Tim Mason. "It is essential for us to use new technologies and try new techniques to reduce our impact on the environment. The ultraviolet light machine at our distribution center is another way we are being thoughtful in what we do here at Fresh & Easy."

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