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Food Lion rewards store brand shoppers


Food Lion is showcasing its redesign of its private label products by offering a special discount to customers who buy its store brands.

Now through Oct. 6, Food Lion shoppers will receive 25 cents back for every private brand item they purchase, up to $10, through the grocer's "Quarter Back" promotion.

"Private brand products are extremely important to Food Lion customers, especially as we make grocery shopping easy, fresh and affordable," said Paula Summers, director of marketing for Food Lion. "We are especially pleased with our new fresh produce offerings under our Food Lion private label and are excited to extend this option to customers."

Food Lion has recently redesigned its private label packaging under the Food Lion brand, making shopping for these items easy to find, easy to save and easy to trust. Updated package designs include nutritional information added to the front panel to make it easier for shoppers to use. In addition, the company has expanded its private brand offerings to fresh produce, including carrots, apples, potatoes, mushrooms, onions and much more.

"In total, more than 7,000 private brand items are now offered in stores, backed by our Food Lion promise of quality and freshness," Summers added. "All of these items also have a double your money back guarantee. If at any time a customer is not completely satisfied, they can return the product to their local Food Lion store and receive double their money back."

Food Lion's complete family of private brands, which are eligible for the promotion, include:

  • Food Lion brand: Products that offer a wide range of products with national brand quality to meet every day needs to save customers time and money, including produce, meat, dairy, bakery and much more.

  • Nature's Place: Products that feature our natural and organic products throughout the store and are free from more than 100 artificial ingredients at affordable prices.

  • Taste of Inspirations: Premium brand quality products made from the finest ingredients at affordable prices.

  • Home 360: Quality, non-food products such as household items like detergent, paper products and more.

  • Healthy Accents: Health and beauty products, both of which are equal to, or better than, national brands in quality and lower in price.

During the Quarter Back promotion, shoppers can repeat the deal as many times as they would like during the promotion period. A minimum of four private brand items must be purchased for the promotion to apply, not to exceed 40 items, or $10, in one shopping trip. Random weight items are not eligible for the promotion. Coupons received may be used on the customer's next shopping trip, but may not be used on the same day. All coupons must be redeemed by Oct. 20, 2015.

Food Lion, based in Salisbury, N.C., since 1957, has more than 1,100 stores in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states.

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