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Coinstar 'eyes' SoloHealth


BELLEVUE, Wash. — Coinstar will help boost the retail presence of a self-service kiosks provider through a new deal.

Coinstar, known for its automated retail solutions, including its self-service coin counting machines and DVD kiosks branded under the namesake and Redbox, respectively, will invest in SoloHealth, a developer of such self-service kiosks as EyeSite, which provide users with free health screenings and information. SoloHealth currently is in the midst of developing its next-generation, comprehensive SoloHealth station, which will screen vision, blood pressure, weight and body mass index, as well as provide an overall health assessment free of charge. It also gives consumers access to a database of local doctors, the company said.

Investment details were not disclosed.

“As a leader in automated retail, Coinstar is continually looking for kiosk concepts that are innovative and compelling,” said Gregg Kaplan, Coinstar president and COO. “We believe that SoloHealth will address the changing market dynamics in the healthcare space by bringing free health-and-wellness screening to individuals who may not have accessed it otherwise.”

Added SoloHealth founder and CEO Bart Foster, “We are thrilled to have the support of Coinstar, a leader in automated retail. We live in a self-service society, and with the current environment, we believe SoloHealth’s platforms will provide a tremendous resource for consumers and the entire healthcare system by reducing healthcare costs, increasing access and empowering people to take action to improve their lives.”

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