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Boston Retail Offers ecoExtrusions, 100% PVC-Free


Medford, Mass. - 100% ecoRigid PVC-Free Custom Extrusions are Boston Retail’s latest edition to the ecoSeries family of impact-protection products. All shapes, sizes and colors are extruded from PolyBostylene, a unique blend of thermoplastic monomers free of both chlorine and bromine hazardous chemicals. Promote a healthy environment and use ecoExtrusions on refrigeration and merchandising units, sign holders, ticket strips and more. Manufactured in the United States, they are UL-94 HB Fire Rated, RoHS-compliant and 100% sustainable. Solutions for the retail environment include modular power/voice/data systems, fixture and wall protection, eco-friendly products, merchandising displays and decorative raceways.
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