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Blockbuster to Launch Online Video Game, Movie Rentals


Dallas In an upcoming pilot program, Blockbuster Inc. will offer consumers one-stop shopping for their online video game and movie rental needs. The program, which will be launched during the second quarter, will allow select Blockbuster Total Access online customers to rent video games, as well as movies, through the mail as part of their subscription plan.

Blockbuster hopes to make the offer available nationally in the second half of the year.

"With this pilot program, we're laying the groundwork for offering Blockbuster Total Access customers easy online access to the movies and games they want, through an integrated subscription offering,” said Bob Barr, VP and general manager, “Plus, according to their plan, they'll continue to be able to exchange their by-mail rentals both for free in-store movies, as well as half-price in-store game rentals.”

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