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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday 2013 — Shopper Social Sentiment


The holiday deals started earlier this year and all signs are pointing to a robust shopping season for retail. But what did consumers really think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Were they braving the lines with high spirits or counting down for discounts they could nab at home? More importantly, what were they looking for — and where?

We followed the social media chatter around this year's holiday kick-off and are pleased to share our annual report on shopper sentiment. In this report, we compare Black Friday and Cyber Monday to uncover the driving trends for 2013, including:

  • In-store and online shopper moods

  • Volume of shopping mentions by day

  • Best sellers and comeback categories

  • Store formats that are gaining or losing favor

  • The role of price, convenience and customer service

  • And much more!

Click here for the full report.

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