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Most Americans plan to shop on Black Friday

Black Friday hasn't lost its clout.

More than three-quarters (70%) of Americans plan to shop on Black Friday, according to a survey from Ebates. Additionally, almost half (44%) plan to camp out to get the best deals on laptops (22%), TVs (21%), and housewares (20%).

The majority of Americans plan to begin their Black Friday shopping online after Thanksgiving dinner (22%), and one in five will shop immediately after dinner (18%). Some even admit to shopping on their mobile phones during Thanksgiving dinner (11%). Black Friday is also the day the many Americans begin their shopping (23%).

When it comes to where they plan to shop, Americans will shop both online and in-store (36%). However, a quarter of Americans will shop solely online (25%), and another 20% will only shop in-store.

Adults and teens agree that clothing is the number one item they plan to buy on Black Friday (39% for adults, and 49% for teens). Women will buy more clothing than men, with 51% of adult women choosing clothing as the number one item they’ll buy on Black Friday, and 61% of teen girls also choosing it. Only 27% of adult men and 33% of teen boys chose clothing.

While it might seem that clothing would be a good option for online shopping and TVs and electronics would be the in-store choices, Americans reveal that clothing is the number one choice for both online and in-store shopping. Laptops and TVs ranked fourth and fifth for both online and in-store purchases, the study revealed.

Additionally, almost half of Americans admit that their holidays would be easier if they participated in more online or mobile shopping (40%), started their shopping earlier (35%), or shopped online during Thanksgiving and Black Friday (35%).

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