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Newegg targets laptop shoppers

Laptop Finder
Newegg is assisting customers in finding the most suitable laptops (Photo: Business Wire).

Newegg Commerce Inc. continues to offer personalization tools aimed at customers seeking specific types of computers.

The global technology e-commerce retailer is launching a new personalization feature called Laptop Finder on its website. The tool assists customers in selecting a Windows-based laptop.

Designed to inform customers who are interested in purchasing a new laptop, Laptop Finder provides details on features and pricing options. To match customers with the laptop most compatible with their needs and budget, Laptop Finder asks buyers to select from various prompts, including primary use, budget and features. The platform then shares personalized recommendations.

Laptop Finder offers five laptop usage categories: home/personal, gaming, work/business, content creation and education. Primary laptop feature decisions to consider include recently released, thin and light, more than eight hours of battery life, touchscreen, backlit keyboard and if a webcam is included.

The tool scores portable computers to rank the customer's selected options against other laptop choices. Newegg is launching Laptop Finder to coincide with college students’ needs to purchase a new laptop for the upcoming academic year.

“Laptop Finder removes the stress and confusion from laptop shopping,” said Oscar Wong, senior director of product management for Newegg. “A large portion of customers need help understanding the various options to consider when shopping for a laptop. Shoppers can spend hours scouring the Internet for research, so Laptop Finder is designed to provide personalized recommendations. Our new tool helps take the guesswork out of laptop buying.”

“Our online shopping tool is for both experienced users and those new to choosing a laptop configuration,” said Andrew Choi, director of brand marketing, Newegg. “Customers who have shopped for a new PC before can use the sorting features to review and customize options by column. There are a lot of features in laptops and this tool really makes shopping at Newegg easier.”

Newegg targets PC builders
Newegg’s latest product-focused personalization tool expands upon ongoing efforts to cater to PC build enthusiasts. In June 2022, the company launched a new personalization feature called Gaming PC Finder on its website. Gaming PC Finder is designed to assist customers with understanding gaming PC components and performance options to make a more informed PC purchase.

In June 2020, Newegg introduced the Newegg PC Builder, a one-stop online shop for designing and building custom PCs. Customers navigate an intuitive workflow to configure a PC to suit their individual needs and budget, with the ability to purchase all the necessary components via a single transaction.

Newegg followed this up in July 2021 with a build-to-order (BTO) offering for customers who design their own computers on its PC Builder platform. The service leverages the retailer’s electronic numerical integrator and computer (ENIAC) in-house computer assembly service to build and deliver fully-assembled computers.

Headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., Newegg was founded in 2001 and serves a global customer base throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. The company offers direct sales and an online marketplace platform for PC and IT hardware, consumer electronics, automotive, gaming products and finished goods.

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