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New shopping app Temu scores big with Super Bowl ad

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A commercial for an online shopping app that is the U.S. subsidiary of multinational commerce giant PDD Holdings was one of the top-performing Super Bowl ads, generating real-time consumer action.

Temu, which launched in the U.S. last fall and is based in Boston, aired the 30-second spot, entitled “Shop Like a Billionaire,” in twice during the Big Game. It outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 6.1x, according to EDO, the TV outcomes company which has scored the effectiveness of national Super Bowl ads for past eight yeara.

The EDO ranking reveals the most engaging spots based upon consumer online engagement — how effectively each ad drove viewers to search online for the brand/product in the minutes following ad’s airing. 

The Temu ad ranked fourth among the 10 top-performing ads. (See end of article for complete listing.)

Temu, whose app has become of the most popular free apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, sells products across a wide variety of categories, from clothing to jewelry to electronics, at bargain prices. Many of the items are shipped direct from Chineese factories.

The Temu Super Bowl commercial features a young woman buying clothes and accessories on the Temu app on her phone as she swoons over the low prices. The jingle includes the tag line “I’m shopping like a billionaire.”

Most 30-second Super Bowl ads this year went for $6 million to $7 million. 

Other Top Performing Super Bowl Ads

According to EDO’s proprietary brand performance data, the top 10 Super Bowl ads that drove the greatest engagement include:

  1. Warner Bros Pictures: The Flash trailer :45s– outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 24x
  2. He Gets Us: Love Your Enemy :60s – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 14x
  3. The Walt Disney Company: Dream Come True :90s – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 13x
  4. Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire :30s airing at 9:12pm ET – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 10x
  5. Live Nation: U2 Live at the Sphere :15s – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 7.4x
  6. Blue Moon: Beer Battle :30s – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 6.8x
  7. United States Football League (USFL): No Substitutes 30s – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 6.2x
  8. Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire :30s airing at 7:16pm ET – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 6.1x
  9. Amazon Studios: Air trailer :60s – outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 6.07x
  10. M&Ms: Ma&Ya’s Clams :30s - outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 5.4x
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