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New shopping app Sune backed by QVC parent offers TikTok-like experience

Sune is taking a videocentric approach to digital retailing.

A self-described “next-generation experiential shopping platform” has the parent of QVC and HSN as an investor and a focus on influencer videos.

New York City-based video shopping platform Sune is officially launching its beta mobile app. Sune (which is backed by Qurate Retail Group) provides videos and livestreams as a way for shoppers to discover products and brands. Consumers can then purchase products directly within their feed.

In the months ahead, Sune will begin to introduce creator personalities and an assortment of independent brands, while rolling out a calendar of live product drops. Also in the coming months, each user's in-app experience will be customized to their preferences and purchase history, with personalized recommendations and filters.

In a few taps, customers will be able to discover new products or get recommendations on what to buy, all tailored to their interests, and then shop for those items directly.

On the brand side, sellers can manage their assortment, inventory, pricing, and shipping costs, while maintaining full control over their storefronts. Additionally, brands will have access to Sune's proprietary in-house live studio software, remote co-hosting model, and can receive guidance on video creation.

"Unlike other shopping apps, Sune's mission is to provide a joyful, inspirational, and relaxing experience, where users can easily connect and directly engage with remarkable 'under-discovered' products from new and emerging brands, and ultimately witness entertaining content based on their personal shopping preferences," said Brian Beitler, founder of Sune and GM of Live Shop Ventures LLC. "Our goal, as the beta version of Sune evolves, is to elevate mission-driven brands to share their stories and products, while offering new ways for the younger generations to shop by leveraging live and live-like video commerce."

The Sune beta app is currently available for iPhone users and can be downloaded via the Apple Store for free. Customers can make purchases directly in-app from multiple brands across the platform.

Amazon, Walmart follow TikTok e-commerce model

As TikTok both becomes a more popular online shopping platform and faces a possible ban from the U.S. government, retailers are looking to its videocentric user experience for ideas on how to present their own online user experience.

Walmart, which may take part in creating a new TikTok operation that would be separate from its current Chinese majority owner ByteDance, just launched a product-focused home page that features a new “social-inspired scroll” with rich imagery and live video. The design enables online customers to browse Walmart’s product selection on its site and app the same way they would scroll a social media app.

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Meanwhile, chief Walmart rival Amazon recently began rolling out a TikTok-like, product- and video-focused digital shopping experience called Inspire.

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