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New drive-thru grocery concept JackBe provides groceries on demand

JackBe drive-thru grocery store, Edmond, Okla.

A new grocery retailer in Oklahoma combines the dark store and drive-thru models.

Known as JackBe, the retailer is opening its first store on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023 in Edmond, Okla., with two more locations slated to open this year. JackBe stores will operate exclusively as a location where customers come to pick up their groceries ordered via the retailer’s custom, proprietary mobile app.

In minutes, customers can place an order and when ready, pull into one of the drive-thru bays, where a JackBe associate will deliver the groceries directly to their car, the company said. The 17,000-sq.-ft. Edmond store will be able to serve up to 200 orders per hour.

Customers will be able to place an order anytime and anywhere, including the store’s parking lot, adding items to their car with a “magic list” feature. JackBe

said it guarantees no substitutions 100% of the time, and will handpick every item. There will be no membership or delivery fees required.

According to JackBe, its stores will carry the most frequently purchased products in categories that include produce, meat, bakery, deli, health & beauty care, baby, pets and consumables. Stores will also soon offer prepared meals, as well as local brands in many departments.

"By opening JackBe, we're introducing a new way for customers to shop that provides convenience, value and great quality with no substitutions," said Alex Ruhter, CEO and co-founder, JackBe. "We have studied customers' needs and created a shopping experience that’s designed specifically for busy people. We're committed to our promise to make grocery shopping a better experience. That's why we're excited to share JackBe with the Oklahoma City community, where we are founded and headquartered.”

Regional grocer Opie provides drive-thru, delivery service

JackBe is following a similar model as Opie, a drive-thru grocery chain based in South Carolina that fulfills orders within minutes. Customers can pull into any space in the store parking lot, place their order on the Opie app, select “I’m at the store now” at checkout, and receive their purchases in minutes.

Shoppers can also order ahead on the Opie app or website and pick up their goods in as soon as five minutes, with no fees or order minimum.

Ultrafast delivery – without the delivery

Both grocers are offering an in-store-pickup-focused spin on the trend of on-demand delivery companies using micro-fulfillment-based dark stores and online ordering to provide ultrafast delivery of grocery and CPG products.

However, several startups focused on ultrafast delivery, including Buyk and Jokr, have shut down or left the U.S. market, while startup Gorillas no longer guarantees delivery in 10 minutes or less. Perhaps shifting the last mile to the consumer can make this model more sustainable in the long term

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