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Neiman Marcus unveils fantasy gifts, personalized shopping and a job for Santa

Neiman Marcus Group has unwrapped its holiday strategy as its looks to end what has been a rough year on a hopeful note. 

The luxury retailer unveiled the 94th edition of its iconic “Christmas Book,” which is famous for its collection of super-expensive fantasy gifts. The tradition continues this year, with offers that range from a year of wellness with Canyon Ranch ($345,000) to a custom home library curated with books, furniture, and one-of-a-kind objets d'art ($295,000) to an exclusive design consultation to customize the interior of a Bowlus electric RV with an array of yacht-grade finishes ($255,000.)

But the fantasy gifts make up a small portion of the 400-plus gifts in the 2020 catalog, which has a wider range of categories and price points and whose messaging emphasizes the importance of being home for the holidays. 

"This year especially, we hope the Christmas Book sparks new traditions with loved ones, and inspires our customers to seek out the connections, warmth, and magic of the holiday season,” said Lana Todorovich, president and chief merchandising officer for Neiman Marcus, which emerged from bankruptcy in September.

Neiman’s holiday plans also includes  new omnichannel shopping features this holiday, including a virtual “gift finder” quiz  that provides customers with immediate gift suggestions tailored to individual recipients. As part of the quiz, customers answer a few questions about who they are shopping for and how much they want spend. Based on the responses, Neiman’s sends out “curated” gift recommendations.

In addition, the retailer has gift advisors available who will provide hand-picked selections and feedback based on the customer's needs. Customers can shop with their gift advisor virtually via video call, email, text, or direct messaging. They can also shop in store, where their gift suggestions will be ready and waiting. 

In stores, Neiman’s is setting up “gift lounges.”

“The gift lounges have a collection of great gifts and products we don’t usually carry — electronics, epicure, holiday sweaters, decor, a lot of things for the home,” Geoffroy van CEO Raemdonck told WWD. “There is one gifting lounge in each store, each organized by our merchant team [in Dallas], and our local teams because they know the customers best.”

Santa Claus will also be part of Neiman’s holiday offerings, but this year he has a job. Every Saturday from Nov. 28 until Christmas, Santa will deliver all curbside pickup orders to customer cars outside all Neiman’s stores. For a $25 donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, customers can have a virtual appointment with Santa and receive a special ornament.

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