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Natuzzi helps customers personalize purchases with augmented reality

Natuzzi provides realistic visualizations of sofas with AR technology.

A global furniture retailer is enabling a high degree of customization in its omnichannel sofa shopping process.

Natuzzi is leveraging visual configure, price, quote (CPQ) software from 3CAD to offer consumers a seamless experience when ordering customized sofas. Through configuration, the company offers a wide range of products in terms of versions, combinations and materials.

While Natuzzi cannot display all these options in-store due to physical limits, it is able to utilize 3D augmented reality (AR) technology to provide high levels of personalized configuration.

Customers can virtually see the products they choose within their own environments and compare them with each other. They are able to customize versions, models, fabrics and leathers for Natuzzi’s range of sofas, and see what all their customizations will look like. In addition, the configuration tool automatically generates the list of products and integrates with Natuzzi’s management systems.

Once a customer places their order, 3CAD software automatically validates it, creates bills of materials (BOMs) and directly integrates with computerized numerical control (CNC) manufacturing systems. All the orders are also organized into a single view designed to eliminate errors and give greater control to the manufacturer.

Customers can save their customizations, connect online or in-person with the nearest store, and proceed with a confirmation order almost instantaneously. 

According to Natuzzi, its AR-based sofa visualization and customization offering provides benefits including faster sales, increased website engagement, first-hand data on consumer trends, and control over the entire sales journey. 

Natuzzi leverages AR in stores

Natuzzi has also enabled shoppers at its stores to virtually visualize 3D furniture and décor in their home before they buy it, with help from AR goggles, After a store associate inputs the customer’s room dimensions into Microsoft-supplied software, customers don the goggles to position pieces of furniture, including sofas, chairs and décor, within their personal space.

By tapping virtual icons, shoppers move product images throughout the room, as well as choose colors, and magnify fabric texture or grains of leather. All 3D products are accurately sized to true dimensions, eliminating the need to physically measure an item before making a purchase.

Headquartered in Santeramo in Colle, Italy, Natuzzi S.p.A operates a global retail network of 651 mono-brand stores and 563 galleries as of December 31, 2021.

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