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Mercato delivers health data directly to customers

An e-commerce platform for independent grocers is integrating wellness-focused product data into its offering.

Mercato is collaborating with CPG data technology company Spins to launch a product attribute-powered grocery e-commerce solution. The partnership combines Spins’ product intelligence data and attributes with Mercato's e-commerce and home delivery services.

As a result, grocery retailers on the Mercato platform can provide health, wellness, diet and sustainability information directly to consumers. This creates a higher level of personalized online shopping, enabling customers to browse and discover products via data-enabled, omnichannel search, filtering, and recommendations.

"This timely partnership with Mercato enables any retail partner to deliver the industry's highest standard of personalized shopping, mobile convenience and delivery to their customers, reaching even greater levels of engagement and loyalty," said Tony Olson, owner and CEO of Spins. "During these unprecedented times, Spins is committed to aggressively investing in new technologies and partnerships like Mercato that are driving measurable sales growth and increasing loyalty between brick and mortar retailers and their customers."

"Mercato's mission is to empower independent grocers with the necessary tools to provide fresh, local ingredients to their communities,” said Bobby Branigan, CEO of Mercato. “Supporting sophisticated search technology and providing solutions for customers' demanding and ever-changing health needs and diet preferences is a necessity in today's online grocery shopping landscape. Spins' in-depth data and analytics expertise will be invaluable to our valued partners and their customers." 

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