Macy’s to reopen 68 stores on Monday

Marianne Wilson
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Macy’s Inc. is gearing up to reopen its stores, starting in the states where COVID-19 lockdown rules have been loosened.

The department store giant will reopen 68 stores on Monday, in Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and Oklahoma. (The news was first reported The Wall Street Journal.) The stores, some of which are located in malls, will have reduced hours, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Another 50 Macy’s stores are due to reopen their doors by May 11. The retailer expects that all its approximate 775 stores will be reopened in six weeks — should COVID-19 infection rates taper off, and local governments allow retailers to proceed, noted CNBC

Macy’s, similar to retailers that have remained opened during the pandemic, will be taking a number of measures to make its customers and employees feel safe as well as to enforce social distancing. Employees will be required to wear masks and to take their temperatures before starting a shift. And only a few fitting rooms will be open at any one time. Also, items that have been returned or tried on by customers will be held for 24 hours before going back to racks.