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Loblaw streamlines BOPIS even more


A leading Canadian grocer will pilot automated fulfillment of its buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) offering.

Loblaw Inc. is building an automated picking facility to support its PC Express BOPIS service. Leveraging a hyperlocal fulfillment solution from Takeoff Technologies that functions in compact vertical spaces, Loblaw will launch the 12,000-sq.-ft. facility inside one of its GTA Real Canadian superstores in 2020.

Customers will order as usual through PC Express. At the automated picking facility, once an order is received, it may be split by automated picking and/or in-store picking, depending on the products requested. Instead of walking the store to pick groceries, the automated facility will bring groceries directly to a Loblaw associate to pick and pack. According to Takeoff Technologies, the solution can assemble of orders of up to 60 items within a few minutes, at over 99.9% accuracy.

Once complete, the order goes to a staging area, where another Loblaw associate reviews the order and stores it in the appropriate temperature zone (frozen, chilled, or room temperature). The order is then combined with the in-store picked items if necessary.

“This new technology complements the exceptional service of our PC Express colleagues and leverages the strength of our retail store network,” said Sharon Lansing, VP, GM, grocery e-commerce, Loblaw Inc. “By increasing the speed and accuracy of our PC Express pick-up service, we can ensure our PC Express customers have a seamless and outstanding experience every time they order. We can fill more orders, more quickly, with a near-guarantee that the products customers order online will be in stock at the store.” 

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