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Lilly Pulitzer enhances in-store customer experience with mobile solutions

Lilly Pulitzer model
Lilly Pulitzer is streamlining store operations (Photo courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer).

A specialty fashion retailer is transforming its in-store experience for shoppers and associates with cloud-based mobile solutions.

Lilly Pulitzer is deploying the Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service (POS) platform and Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service. Running on tablets, cloud-based solutions provide Lilly Pulitzer store associates with visibility into a customer's prior purchase history and inventory levels so they can help shoppers discover products from anywhere in the store.

In addition, leveraging Oracle Xstore Office Cloud Service, Lilly Pulitzer is able to integrate promotions into its POS system, including its “gift with purchase” offers and loyalty program. The retailer selected and implemented Oracle technology based on factors including platform capabilities, scalability, and regular delivery of new updates and add-ons.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Oxford Industries, Lilly Pulitzer can be found online, in more than 60 retail stores, in major department stores, and more than 50 Signature stores nationwide.

“Connecting with our customers and local communities to create meaningful experiences every day is a priority for Lilly sales associates," said Michelle Kelly, CEO, Lilly Pulitzer. "With Oracle Retail Xstore POS, our associates now have the time and tools to effectively engage with and delight our customers during pivotal moments in their shopping experience." 

"The new Oracle mobile POS allows our associates to execute a seamless transaction from anywhere in the store, capture data to grow the loyalty program, and review purchase history to make real-time recommendations," said Rachael Crews, VP of digital commerce, customer engagement, Lilly Pulitzer. "Having this intelligence at their fingertips can be a game changer in moving our customers from browsers to buyers."

"POS technology should automate processes, streamline transactions, and deliver quick scale without the customer even noticing," said Mike Webster, senior VP, and GM, Oracle Retail. "For lifestyle brands like Lilly, the merchandise, culture, and selling environment drive success. Our goal is to enable sales associates to stay focused and available throughout the entire shopping experience ensuring customers get the attention they deserve."

Prada Group cloud-enables merchandising, customer engagement

Milan, Italy-based global luxury retailer Prada Group is also rolling out several cloud-based Oracle Retail solutions on both the front and back ends. Through the mobile deployment of Oracle Retail Xstore POS and Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Service, Prada intends to collect customer preferences and purchase habits.

The retailer will then analyze the customer data it collects to support strategic actions designed to increase loyalty. Specific merchandising workflows Prada intends to streamline include sales and forecasts, performance analysis, and inventory management and allocation.

Equipped with this data, the company aims to better understand its operations process, plan for different scenarios more effectively, and react more quickly to changes in its market.

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