Lifecyle cost calculator released for asphalt parking lots

Marianne Wilson
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Let’s Pave is offering a free tool to help facility managers secure proper funding for proactive parking lot maintenance.

The company, a leading national provider of specialized paving services and solutions, has developed and released a lifecycle cost calculator for asphalt parking lots. The calculations are based on a net present value financial analysis of a typical parking lot. The calculator enables facility managers and CFOs to run a similar analysis using actual data from their company for any asphalt parking lot. 

“It is common for businesses with multiple asphalt parking lots to neglect or defer parking lot maintenance,” said Let’s Pave founder and CEO C.B. Kuzlik. “Yet a routine approach is the key to keeping costs under control. Now it’s possible to quantify the savings with our free, interactive lifecycle cost calculator. This is a great tool to forecast savings and make an undeniable case for a proactive approach.”

The calculator can be downloaded along with the company’s latest white paper, “Net Present Value: A Case for the Proactive Management of Asphalt Parking Lots,” at