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Let’s Pave, Let’s Roof launch women’s empowerment group

Vibe Women's Empowerment Group
Ashley Kuzlik, left, and Lana Halzel, are the founders of VIBE.

National parking lot and commercial roofing contractors Let’s Pave and Let’s Roof announced the recent launch of the VIBE Women’s Empowerment Group.

Founded by Lana Halzel, business development manager, and Ashley Kuzlik, project coordinator, VIBE provides a platform for female colleagues to network, share experiences, and support each other personally and professionally.

“Paving and roofing are male-dominated industries,” explained Halzel. “Let’s Pave and Let’s Roof have a unique advantage in that our team is 42% women and counting. The ladies in our organization bring valuable perspective and VIBE leverages that mindset to drive results—not only to help our businesses, but to inspire others as well.”

VIBE co-founder Kuzlik added that while women working in construction are not new, the empowerment group is taking it to the next level.

“Our mission is to help women realize their full potential and promote female strengths and successes in construction careers,” she said. “Through this encouragement, we hope to see more ladies hire in and further diversify the industry.”

Throughout the year, members of VIBE plan and participate in a series of events, programs, and activities designed to empower women of all industries through engagement, skill building, networking and mentoring. The group meets once a month to strategize on upcoming initiatives, and is actively searching for guest speakers in the retail facilities industry.

To connect with VIBE, or for more information, please visit

Let’s Pave provides end-to-end parking lot solutions and related services to commercial properties nationwide, offering service and rapid response to asphalt and concrete parking lot needs anywhere in the country.

Let’s Roof, a division of Let’s Pave, provides complete roof maintenance and replacement services to commercial and industrial properties nationwide as well as partner solutions including roof planning and management.

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