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Kroger provides advertisers targeted audio access to store shoppers

A supermarket giant is automating the process for advertisers to purchase targeted audio ads on its in-store network.

Kroger is partnering with audio out-of-home (OOH) advertising company Vibenomics to provide audio ads at more than 2,300 stores and automate the audio ad buying process to current programmatic standards. Advertisers will be able to strategically target customers at specific times, depending on factors such as weather, local events and more. 

Beginning July 20, 2020, this specialized private audio network will broadcast inside Kroger’s owned and operated locations, targeting millions of unique monthly visitors. Kroger will work in tandem with Vibenomics to determine which categories of advertisers, brands, or specific products make sense to promote on its airwaves while giving consideration to customer experience.

“Vibenomics plays an important part in our strategy to help us win with our customers, accelerate innovation in-store and drive success for the brands we carry,” said Peter Miles-Prouten, senior VP of partnerships at 84.51°, Kroger’s data analytics subsidiary. “With 11 million households visiting Kroger daily, we’re excited to see audio out-of-home from Vibenomics come to life, offering real, valuable connections with our customers, and opportunities for our CPG partners to advertise effectively.”

“Our associates and customers are our number one priority at Kroger, and this is a new way for us to reach them with more meaningful content,” said Cara Pratt, VP of commercial and product strategy across Kroger’s digital and in-store media business at 84.51°. “It allows us to provide them with up to date and timely information on their favorite brands, helping to improve their shopping experience. It also allows our brand partners to reach customers at a pivotal point in the buying process – the shelf.”

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