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Jungle Scout reveals findings from Amazon vs. Walmart report

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Consumers are more likely to have an Amazon Prime membership (57%) than a Walmart + account (31%), according to a report by Jungle Scout.

Walmart wins out when it comes to affordability and everyday items such as groceries, but Amazon is tops for electronics, books and clothing.

Fifty-six percent of U.S. consumers turn to Walmart for groceries, compared to 15% who prefer to buy them from Amazon, according to a report by Jungle Scout. And 43% of consumers say product prices are the main reason they shop at Walmart over Amazon, followed by familiarity with products. (The Walmart references are for both in-store and online.)

In other findings, 71% of consumers are more likely to make smaller purchases ($0-99) from, compared to 66% on Amazon, preferring to shop the Walmart site for groceries, medicine, and cleaning supplies. 

The report, “Amazon vs. Walmart: The Growth and Future of Ecommerce,” found that Amazon is maintaining its e-commerce dominance — for now. Three-quarters (75%) of U.S. consumers purchased from Amazon recently, compared to 43% who have shopped on

Also, consumers are more likely to have an Amazon Prime membership (57%) than a Walmart + account (31%). And more consumers (63%) started their search for a product online on Amazon over Walmart’s site (43%).

Additionally, the report finds that both Amazon and Walmart’s marketplaces are largely dominated by third-party sellers, which another area where both retailers are investing for growth. Amazon’s marketplace is 82% third-party sellers, compared to Walmart’s, which is comprised of nearly 79% third-party sellers. 

“Amazon and Walmart are both leveraging online and offline technologies as a way for brands to create more dynamic solutions that satisfy their customers," said Michael Scheschuk, president of small & medium business and chief marketing officer, Jungle Scout, an all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. "Investments like Amazon's dash cart in Amazon Fresh stores and Walmart's virtual try-on in their iOS app will raise the bar for all retailers and improve consumer experiences.”

Read the full report with the methodology here.

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