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Instacart expands integration with health plans

Instacart Health
Instacart is partnering with NationsBenefits to provide supplemental benefit services.

Instacart is increasing its availability as a supplemental benefit for select health plans.

The grocery technology company, which began offering Instacart grocery benefits through Medicare Advantage plans from Alignment Health earlier this year, is now partnering with NationsBenefits to offer grocery delivery via Instacart as a supplemental benefit to eligible health plans that use NationsBenefits – including Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and other commercial plans.

NationsBenefits members will be able to use plan-sponsored funds distributed via the NationsBenefits Benefits Mastercard prepaid card to purchase healthy groceries and pantry staples for same-day delivery from the more than 85,000 stores available on Instacart. 

To gain access to their funds, eligible members can use their grocery benefit to purchase Instacart Health Fresh Funds (Instacart virtual grocery stipends) through NationsBenefits. Members can then select to shop from their preferred local grocer through a curated virtual storefront on Instacart and begin adding items to their cart. 

At checkout, members can use their Fresh Funds to pay for their order. Instacart Health is an initiative designed to promote access to healthy grocery and produce items.

Through the Instacart Health Wallet, customers can shop using any benefits available to them – from EBT SNAP and supplemental health benefits to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Instacart Health Fresh Funds. For eligible Medicare Advantage members over the age of 60, Instacart also offers a Senior Support Service with a dedicated team of specialists who can help set up Instacart accounts and place orders for those who may need additional assistance.

"We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Instacart, a collaboration that will further strengthen NationsBenefits' commitment to improving the well-being of our members," said NationsBenefits CEO Glenn Parker, M.D. "This partnership strongly aligns with our mission, and we believe that it will not only help improve the overall health and quality of life for the communities we serve, but will also mark a significant step forward in redefining the intersection of healthcare and convenience."

"Through Instacart, we can help people overcome barriers to access by connecting them with the retailers they know, love and trust online, offering the added convenience of same-day delivery,” said Sarah Mastrorocco, VP and GM of Instacart Health. "By partnering with health benefit leaders like NationsBenefits, we’re expanding the ways people can pay for their groceries on Instacart, allowing members to use the health benefits already available to them through their health plan to get their essentials delivered.”

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