Indochino: Store model ‘well positioned’ to offer safe shopping experience

Marianne Wilson
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Indochino stylist
An Indochino stylist

Indochino has started reopening its brick-and-mortar locations.

The digitally native, custom menswear retailer said that more than half of its 52 showrooms will reopen for appointments by the end of May, with the majority open in June.

Indochino said its unique showroom model, which features shopping by appointment, makes it well-positioned to offer a safe and positive experience for customers as they return to physical stores. In the store, customers partner with an associate to choose a fabric, select customizations and create a measurement profile. There is no need to try on clothes from open inventory that other customers might have tried. And the fit samples used for measurements will be sanitized between every appointment. 
Once customers have placed an order, their custom-made garments are shipped directly to their door in two weeks. For subsequent purchase, they can schedule another showroom appointment or shop online, where they can access their measurement profile. 
Indochino has also added precautionary health and safety measures to ensure that customers and employees are safe and feel comfortable:

•    To allow for safe social distancing, showrooms will operate reduced hours and limit occupancy;
•    Customers are required to sanitize their hands and wear a face mask upon entry— they can choose to bring their own mask or employees will provide one for them;
•    If customers feel unwell or may have been exposed, they are being asked to reschedule their appointment;
•    Employees will have their temperature taken daily and wear both a face mask and fresh gloves during appointments; and 
•    Employees will undertake a sanitization process between every appointment

“It’s been two months since we closed our showroom network for the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers,” said Drew Green, president & CEO, Indochino. “Since then, we’ve been working tirelessly towards the moment we can safely reopen and I’m thankful to have such a dedicated and professional team. Now, as we carefully begin reopening, we’re looking forward to welcoming our customers back—and helping them look and feel their absolute best.”