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Here’s a sneak peak at Walmart’s first-ever Super Bowl ad

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Walmart will play in the big game on Sunday, Feb. 2, with the airing of its-ever first Super Bowl commercial.

The 60-second “Famous Visitors” commercial will showcase Walmart’s pickup service. It will feature an assortment of iconic characters from TV shows and movies and their “creative” transportation methods, showing them touching down on Earth to pick up their goods curbside at Walmart.  The featured characters will range from Buzz Lightyear of "Toy Story" to Bill Preston of “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” 

Before the game, Walmart will tease the ad across a variety of media, including radio stations across the country, the TV walls in its stores and social media channels. It also had dropped an extended two-minute version of the commercial on YouTube.

During the game, after the commercial airs, Walmart said it plans to broadcast a “special message to our visitors.”

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