Harley-Davidson roars into online used vehicle vertical

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A legendary motorcycle brand is rolling out an online marketplace for pre-owned motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Inc. is launching H-D1Marketplace on its e-commerce site. H-D1 Marketplace is designed to offer consumers comprehensive functionality to search, sell and purchase pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles across North America. The marketplace connects customers to the Harley-Davidson dealer network and is backed by the Harley-Davidson Certified inspection and warranty program.

Launching first in the U.S., H-D1 Marketplace will start with the entire selection of pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the company’s participating dealer network. Used motorcycles will be available for customers to browse and customize online, with financing options from H-D Financial Services.

The online used vehicle market has been getting increasingly crowded with the growth of third-party players such as Carvana, Vroom, and Gettacar. Leading national used car retailer Carmax also now offers online shopping. However, Harley-Davidson is staking out new turf as a brand selling its own merchandise and by specializing in used motorcycles.

Through the “Sell My Bike” feature, customers will also be able to sell their motorcycles directly into the Harley-Davidson dealer network. The marketplace is part of Harley-Davidson’s larger Hardwire Strategic Plan, which aims to seamlessly engage with customers and create a meaningful, unique and personalized experience. Hardwire objectives also include recognizing riders of pre-owned Harley-Davidsons as an important part of the company’s customer base.

"The launch of H-D1 Marketplace is the first step towards our ambitious transformation of into the leading online destination for everything Harley-Davidson," said Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO, Harley-Davidson. "We want our online presence to connect and support our H-D network - from enhanced online experiences, unique community engagement, to exclusive content and learning. The H-D1 Marketplace platform will connect our customers, community and our strong dealer network, with the goal to become the largest marketplace for pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the United States.”