Grubhub provides small restaurants custom e-commerce features

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Independent restaurants that partner with Grubhub have access to new commission-free digital design and marketing services.

The on-demand delivery provider is introducing Grubhub Direct, a platform designed to help independent restaurants better compete online through commission-free online ordering and customer data. Grubhub Direct aids tasks such as developing and managing customized ordering websites, direct marketing, and collecting and analyzing customer data, without paying commission.

Users of Grubhub Direct can choose fonts, colors and images that fit their restaurant's brand for a consistent look and feel. They can also obtain and analyze customer data, including names, email addresses and order history (including menu items, lifetime spend, order sizes, and fulfillment methods).

In addition, an order management solution enables independent restaurants to receive, confirm and cancel orders through the Grubhub platform. A management portal lets users oversee menu, hours, financials and other restaurant settings; access reporting and performance insights; and identify future growth opportunities. The platform also offers Grubhub's loyalty tools, targeted and ROI-driven promotions, and analytics; as well as phone, chat and email support. 

Grubhub will not charge any marketing or commissions to restaurants on Grubhub Direct orders. Restaurants will pay standard credit card processing fees and optionally, a delivery fee if the restaurant chooses to have Grubhub drivers deliver for them. Many Grubhub restaurant partners deliver their own orders and would pay no delivery charge on Grubhub Direct. 

The company is waiving setup and monthly hosting fees for Grubhub Direct through April 2022. Access to diner data, loyalty programs and promotions through Grubhub Direct will always be free.

"We're constantly listening and learning from our independent restaurant partners, and we've heard them. Restaurants want more options to build their brands online and maintain a loyal base of diners through their own channels," said Matt Maloney, founder and CEO of Grubhub. "That's why we're opening our pipes and allowing restaurants to leverage our technology to grow their own brands and communities online. With Grubhub Direct, we're further supporting restaurants as they rebound from COVID shutdowns into a much larger digital world, by giving them the tools to control their relationships with their diners."