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Groupon upgrades user experience for personalization, purchases

An online deals platform seeks to provide a more personalized customer experience that builds inventory awareness and drives engagement.

Following the launch of a growth strategy designed to expand and improve its inventory of discount offers, Groupon is unveiling a new user experience. The ultimate goal of the changes is to expand consumers’ view of Groupon from an inspiration-only, needs-based digital marketplace to a preferred destination for local experiences. 
As part of these changes, Groupon has redesigned its homepage with more personalized features, including purchase suggestions tailored directly toward customer intent and location to deliver more relevant search results. Other new functionality makes it easier for customers to repeat purchase and increases shopper awareness of new, restriction-free deals and new offers inventory.

The reimagined Groupon user experience is currently live for select users on mobile app and mobile web in the United States and Canada, and will be rolled out to the remainder of Groupon’s users in these two countries throughout the second quarter. An international rollout of the revamped experience is planned for after the United States and Canada rollout is completed. 

In addition to its new user experience, later in the year, Groupon intends to launch a referral program that enables users to earn “Groupon Bucks” site credit by sharing deals with friends and family. 

“Our customers told us they wanted a more curated, relevant experience, and these changes make it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for when they come to Groupon––while continuing to inspire them to try something new,” said John Higginson, CTO at Groupon. “These are some of the most visible changes we’ve ever made, and we’re excited about our potential to drive customer purchase frequency higher and attract new consumers to the Groupon platform. We expect our reimagined user experience to benefit both our customers and merchants.”

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