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Google personalizes shopping with AI, VR

Google style recommendations
One of Google's new shopping tools enables shopping recommendations.

Google is rolling out new tools to offer a more individual shopping experience, using artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

The tech giant, which added search filtering, package tracking, and return policy finder features aimed at holiday shoppers to its online shopping offering in December 2023, is now deploying four new tools for digital consumers:

AI-based image generation for shopping

After searching for a product query, like “colorful quilted spring jacket,” customers can tap “Generate images” to see photorealistic images that match their terms. Customers can then click an image and scroll to see shoppable options. 

Anyone in the U.S. who has opted into Search Generative Experience (SGE) (a generative AI-based product search experience) within Google  can participate in this pilot on the Google site or app.

Virtual try-on

In the U.S. on desktop, mobile or the Google app, customers can look for the “try-on” icon in shopping results for men’s or women’s tops and see what a top looks like on a diverse set of real models ranging in size from XXS-4XL. 

Image features include how a top would drape, fold or form wrinkles and shadows on the model. VTO is also helpful for brands: After engaging with virtual try-on imagery, Google says shoppers are more likely to click out to retailers’ sites for potential purchases. 

Style recommendations

Google has also started rolling out a new feature to help online customers get more personalized results in some of its most popular shopping categories. Starting with signed-in U.S. shoppers using mobile browsers and the Google app, when consumers search for certain apparel, shoes or accessories, they will see a section labeled “style recommendations.” 

There, customers can rate options with a thumbs up or thumbs down, or a swipe right or left, and instantly see personalized results. Google will also give shoppers the option to rate more items and instantly see another set of results. 

In addition, Google will remember customer preferences, so shoppers will see personalized style recommendations based on what they liked in the past and products they interacted with.

If customers make a mistake with their rating or don’t want to see personalized shopping results, they can manage their preferences by tapping the three dots next to the "get style recommendations" section and look for personalization options in the “About this result” panel.

See more from favorite brands

U.S. shoppers searching for apparel, shoes or accessories on mobile browsers, desktop or in the Google app can select brands they would like to see more of while shopping with Google. 

Once they have selected them, they will see options from those brands right away. Shoppers can tap the three dots next to the "Popular from your favorite brands" section and look for personalization options in the “About this result” panel to manage their preferences.

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