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GM, Pilot Co. team up for coast-to coast EV fast-charging network

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Two thousand fast charging stalls will be installed at up to 500 Pilot’s locations.

The parent company of Pilot and Flying J travel centers is teaming up with General Motors.

Pilot Company and GM are collaborating on a national network of fast chargers that is designed to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles through increase access to charging. The plan calls for the installation of 2,000 fast charging stalls at up to 500 Pilot’s locations along U.S. highways.

EVgo will install, operate and maintain the charging network through its eXtend program, which supplies charging stations to retailers and other customers.  A significant number of the are expected to be operating by the end of 2023.

The stalls, which will be installed at 50-mile intervals and co-branded “Pilot Flying J” and “Ultium Charge 360,” will be powered by EVgo eXtend and open to all EV brands. Many of the sites will feature canopies to help protect customers from the elements while charging, as well as pull-through capability allowing convenient charging for electric pickup trucks and SUVs pulling trailers.

Third-party research shows that widespread access to highway charging, particularly in underserved urban and rural areas, is a significant barrier to mass EV adoption, noted Pilot, citing a 2021 study by Escalent, “2021 EV Adoption Barriers.”

“GM and Pilot Company designed this program to combine private investments alongside intended government grant and utility programs to help reduce range anxiety and significantly close the gap in long-distance EV charger demand,” said Shameek Konar, CEO Pilot Company. “Our travel centers are well-equipped to accommodate EV charging with 24/7 amenities and convenient proximity to major roadways across the country.”

The EV project builds on Pilot’s recently announced “New Horizons” initiative to invest $1 billion to fully upgrade its travel centers with more premium amenities, including expanded seating and lounge areas, updated and modernized restrooms and on-site restaurants and retail.

The Pilot and Flying J network includes more than 750 locations in 44 states and five Canadian provinces.

For GM, the development is one more step of its nearly $750 million investment in EV charging infrastructure.

“We are committed to an all-electric, zero-emissions future, and ensuring that the right charging infrastructure is in place is a key piece of the puzzle,” said Mary Barra, chair and CEO. GM. “With travel centers across North America, Pilot Company is an ideal collaborator to reach a broad audience of EV drivers.”

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