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Global footwear brand steps into omnichannel order fulfillment

Red Wing Shoes is lacing up to unify fulfillment of orders across all channels, resulting in a seamless customer experience.

The Minnesota-based footwear company distributes products across multiple brands to more than 110 countries, via more than 525 Red Wing retail stores, as well as multiple third-party retail partners and owned e-commerce platforms. Previously, Red Wing relied on multiple siloed buying channels that limited the company's ability to provide seamless shopping experiences between channels.

To enable centralized order fulfillment and support omnichannel shopping, Red Wing has implemented the Tecsys order management platform. Leveraging the Tecsys solution, Red Wing is orchestrating incoming orders from front-end systems and connect brick-and-mortar and digital channels. The company seeks to develop an omnichannel commerce strategy to ensure positive customer experiences, however and wherever customers shop.

The Tecsys platform also connects fulfillment siloes, enabling retailers to pick, pack and ship orders through data-driven algorithms, factoring in fulfillment flexibility, inventory availability, intelligent order orchestration and routing, and cost to fulfill. As Red Wing continues to calibrate its operations for post-pandemic commerce, the Tecsys platform will provide the flexibility to adapt to dramatic shifts in buying patterns and fulfillment expectations.

Red Wing has also implemented a business-to-business-to-consumer process in which the retailer will function as a logistical intermediary in facilitating the end-to-end buying process. This fulfillment channel enables the retailer to digitally extend access to its products without the need for traditional retail infrastructure requirements.

"We turned to Tecsys to help us modernize our omnichannel infrastructure, and the results have been very positive," said Dennis Keane, CIO at Red Wing Shoes. "From selection through to implementation and execution, the Tecsys team helped us chart a course for more resilient and more profitable retail fulfillment operations. Not only does the Tecsys platform enable us to fulfill orders more economically through consolidation and dynamic routing, but we are also able to cater to a new segment of digital consumer by providing more channels, more flexibility, and better access to inventory."

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