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The game is afoot with Tophatter’s newest rewards program


Tophatter is adding two integrated mini-games to its e-commerce platform.

The deal-focused online marketplace is enabling shoppers to play games which let them earn points and redeem rewards to personalize their experience, receive special advantages that can give them an edge when bidding on products, and apply credits off their purchase. According to Tophatter, about 50% of its daily users interact with points. 

Customers can earn points by participating in two games: Quests and Treasure Spin. Quests appear as a set of daily and weekly challenges where shoppers receive points for completing tasks while shopping, such as viewing products or placing bids. To play Treasure Spin, customers spin a digital wheel to earn rewards such as points and cards.

So far, Tophatter says customers have earned a total of 1.2 billion game points, of which approximately 900 million points have been spent on its platform.

Customers can use the points in the online card store toward three types of cards that elevate their e-commerce experience or to unlock other features within the app. The cards include:

  • Win Skins: The skins adjust the look and feel of virtual auctions, adding special effects to bidders’ screens, such as fireworks or a dancing llama.   
  • Functional Cards: These cards can change the function of an auction when played. For example, the Snipe Card allows customers to place a last-minute bid on an item without resetting the clock to secure a near-guaranteed purchase. 
  • Credit Cards: The Credit Cards are redeemable for $0.50 - $5.00 off a purchase. 
  • Mystery Packs: Mystery Packs come in two sizes and offer a mix of three to five cards, and can include a $5 or $20 credit card, respectively 

“Tophatter’s aim for the last decade is to create a discovery shopping experience that makes online discount shopping fun by adding the entertainment of a game to the experience,” said Ashvin Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Tophatter. “While elements of gamification have always been core to our ecommerce platform, by introducing mini games and an evolving points economy, we are further enriching the bargain hunting experience by giving our users more ways to win great deals. Tophatter is positioned at the intersection of gaming and bargain-hunting, offering a one-of-a-kind mobile shopping experience.” 

Tophatter Inc. is based in San Francisco with offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Portland, and Bangalore.


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